As a marriage & family therapist in private practice I have worked
with many families and couples who feel stuck, unsatisfied and
unhappy in their relationships. Either they have picked someone
that they are not well matched for or they don’t know the strategies
to make it work when they have a suitable partner. 
I have been touched by the courage, tenacity and efforts these people
have applied to  turn their relationships around, but I found myself wishing I would have met these people before they hooked-up and committed to each other or became so hurt and resentful. I fantasized
about helping these people avoid the suffering and struggles they so intimately shared in their sessions.  That’s when Relationship Café emerged. I realized the need in the singles community to have a place and a contact person to teach and support individuals how to pick more
suitable partners and help new couples work through obstacles to
making a relationship work.
I use Relationship Café as an opportunity to host casual gatherings at local
restaurants where I serve up fun,educational and supportive events where relationship-minded singles come together to socialize and hear The Singles Therapist talk about various relationship and dating topics.  I also offer a Singles
Book Club, for those who want to marinate in the creative juices of the book of the month. This is where I facilitate a lively discussion that helps you gain a personal insight from the general principle of the book.

 For those who want to work with me one-on-one, I maintain my private practice where I see individuals, dating couples, and committed companions.

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